Every culture has a word for fun. the Thai word, sanuk, is freighted with more meaning, more reverence than most. Sanuk is not fun as a mindless diversion or frivolity; it’s fun as an intrinsically valuable activity. Sanuk is apart of me, this sailboat has BEEN A HUGE PART of my life. i hope the next person loves her and treats her just the same.


currently i'm writing this from a small island just off cancun. i have gone to great extent to ensure when i sailed here that everything would work properly and stress free. i'm proud to say i achieved this. i can go about one month with silence. i start the generator about once a month to make water. When i do start the generator im capable of not just making water but topping off my batteries even though it's never necessary the solar is properly installed by me that i never have to worry about my batteries.  i heat up my water and even run ac if i see it necessary.

99 percent of the hoses and hose clamps have been replaced.

She has been loved and taken well care of. Sanuk is the perfect boat for that person or hopefully family that loves the water and adventure.